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A couple days ago I found myself sitting at my desk at work after finding out I would be going to one of Chicago’s most elaborate galas   with one thing on my mind: What in the world am I going to wear? It was Thursday. THURSDAY. That meant I had a day and a half to pull off finding something to wear. *~sTrEsSfUl~*

Luckily, through a personal connection, I was brought to EWELINEB . Not only did only take 2 minutes to find a dress, but it fit perfectly and just needed to be hemmed. The next morning, the staff from EWELINEB had my dress hemmed and ready to go and I was on my way to the Gateway to Oz to support Cancer Research.

HUGE thank you to you EWELINEB! Shop their dresses here for your next gala:


We were off to Oz last night at the Gateway for Cancer Research gala ✨✨ @gateway_ab — dress by @ewelineb

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