Painting the Town Red

Y’all…Houston was a great time. I’ve been fidgeting so much lately to take a trip…any trip and when I was thinking of places to go (while Chicago is miserably cold in March) Houston seemed like the perfect weekend getaway. As some of you may know, Austin, my twin, is my travel buddy. We love going on new adventures finding cool spots; so when he moved to the far away land of Houston, Texas, it only seemed fitting that I made a trip out after he was settled in.

Now, going in March is probably the best decision you can make. The weather there is phenomenal. I mean a perfect 76 degrees with zero clouds in the sky. We spent all day Friday walking around different areas of the city and (if you can’t tell) I, my pale, pale self, got embarrassingly sun burnt after being out in the scorching sun for approximately 1 day. Did I care? No. I desperately needed that vitamin D, but protect your skin and wear sunscreen to avoid my mistakes.


Throughout the day we went to a Cubs vs. Astro’s game (GO CUBS!) *Severe warning. The Astro’s stadium literally, NEVER opens the dome of that field. Like, ever. My disappointment was very well known as I went and complained to about a dozen stadium staff thinking that they would open the roof for little ole’ me. I was wrong. It was fun though! Just wish the sun was there to hang out with us. In retrospect, it was probably was a good thing it wasn’t open so I didn’t actually get sun poisoning. Touché Astros. Touché.

After the game, we headed back chilled for a little bit and then headed to a place called Bar Boheme, a super trendy place with a horseshoe bar that completely wrapped around the main building. It had it all. Frozen mojito’s, lights hanging, booths for big groups, small tables, a tiki bar and great music. Highly recommend.


As for my outfit choice of the day, I went super casual; baseball chic you may say.

Get the look here:

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