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What’s a better way to go about buying your clothes than being able to mix and change an outfit for all occasions of the day?

This outfit is a perfect example of going to church, brunch, and then maybe brunch turned into a boozy day on the town…because that’s usually how it happens right? One too many bloody’s down (wink, wink!)

This week I’m all about color, which is unusual for me, but red is my weakness. It spices up your wardrobe and your look. Want to look together, but only have 5 seconds to do it? Throw on some red hot lipstick. My favorite is Chanel “Pirate.”

But next to none, it is so important to not only have a LBD in your wardrobe, but also have a fun red dress. You’ll be surprised how much wear you’ll get out of it.


Shop the look:


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