Heshima Kenya

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If you’re a scarf connoisseur like me I’m always looking for new companies that are not only making a wave in fashion, but are doing good while making beautiful products. Heshima Kenya is doing just that.

This local non-profit supports and specializes in identifying and protecting unaccompanied and separated refugee children and youth, especially girls, young women, and their children living in Kenya. In doing so, Heshima does an annual fashion show of their hand-made, dipped scarves. The Maisha Collective is Heshima Kenya’s social enterprise, where refugee artisan women design and hand-dye scarves and textiles.

Check out the video about how they are making a difference and head to their website to purchase one of a kind scarfs (I’m wearing the Angie in Black & Gold), or tickets to their event next week! 

Black and Gold $49

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