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Lets be honest getting into a workout routine is hard. Being healthy is work. You get into it for a little while, then fall back out of it and maybe have half a row of Oreos because you feel bad about it. 

I’ve tried so many different routines to stay in shape over the years. P90X, Kayla, Pure Barre..etc. Now, my workout routine has evolved into bunch of different things from each of them!

Below are some habits I do everyday that maybe you will incorporate into your lifestyle!


I, unfortunately, am not a spin person, or a yoga person (yet). I also do not ever go to group classes. I do however LOVE to walk; a concept in America that I have come to realize is deemed a chore rather than a luxury. A mile isn’t that far to walk. I will walk near and far in Chicago when I can even in the wintertime. This is mainly because I don’t really get any fresh air during the day (thanks, office building), but walking is so good for your body. I walk at least 2 miles to and from work every day and I love it!

Sidenote– At work I also have an elliptical under my desk to keep my feet moving! You can purchase one here.


I bring my lunch every day to work! It’s so easy to run out during lunch to grab something, but usually it’s an $8 sandwich that you probably could have made at home for $1.50. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting out for an hour during the day to get a breath of fresh air, but I take that hour to workout or go for a walk!


Ask anyone that knows me. I am without a doubt probably one of the worst dancers on this planet. I actually don’t dance, I just jump around and maybe do the waterfall hand motion in front of my face a few times when I go out with friends. However, burning calories doesn’t discriminate and this is one of the best ways to do it (not to mention it is an extreme stress reliever.) In addition to this, I LOVE latin music. Throw that on my phone and put in headphones and I will dance around until I can’t stand anymore.


In college I started doing a quick 7 minute workout every night before bed. After doing it for a couple of weeks you can start feeling and seeing the difference in your endurance and toning in your body. Try it!

Do this 3X times!

25 crunches front, and both sides

20 sit ups

15 pushups

15 leg ups / flutter kicks

15 squats

50 sec plank


Sttttrrrrreeeeeettttttcccccchhhhhh while watching your favorite episode on Netflix. 🙂


I’ve always thought that getting a trainer would be beneficial to me. I grew up with having a coach, having someone push me to be better.  A new app called The BRAVE Lifestyle is doing that for me. Nicco is a real person that trains you virtually! He gives you workouts based on your fitness level and meals from a registered dietitian. I just started, so I will keep you updated on my progress! Check out the website HERE for more information and to sign up just in time for summer!

Mention my name in your inquiry and receive $100 off! 


Instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I decided to do get into a fitness routine with The Brave Lifestyle @bravebynicco. Follow along on the blog (link in bio) for fun exercises, recipes and cute workout clothes coming this week ‍♀️ #BeBrave

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