Après Ski

Location: Wilmot Mountain, Wisconsin

Thank the snow gods – Chicago’s winter this year has been relatively normal.

Chicago in the winter is either somewhat manageable, or it is the frozen tundra. This winter we had one day where it was -20 degrees (about as cold as it is on Mars) and then smooth sailing… *knocks on wood.*

So what do us Chicagoans do in the dead of winter in the flattest state? We build really big hills, call them mountains and then spend the entire weekend skiing and snowboarding, of course!

My first time skiing was last year – I had a minor mishap at the age of eleven where I fell from a ski lift and was traumatized; to get back up on one took me 10 years and a trip to Italy to hop back on a lift, but after I did… I am set to go. Maybe not to Colorado though… baby steps.

Wilmot Mountain just had a crazy huge renovation under Vail Resorts and EPIC. How huge? 13 million dollars went into new lifts, snow machines, interior renovation and other outdoor necessities. Check out the fun photos and click the links below for the snow bunny outfit I wore for the day!



Sad the weekend is over, but can’t wait to share fun photos from it this week! #ski #apresski #chicagoblogger #windycityblogger #igerschicago
11 year-old me would be so proud. No more falling off of ski lifts! #chicagoblogger #igerschicago #windycityblogger #wilmontmountain #skiing #veuveclicquotinthesnow
Layers & layers & more layers ❄️ #skiing #apresski #igerschicago #windycitybloggers #chicagoblogger
Not going to lie, I’ve had hot chocolate every day since I went skiing. #chicagowinter #igerschicago #windycityblogger #chicagoblogger #skiing
Nothing like the alps, but it’s home ❄️#igerschicago #windycityblogger #chicagoblogger #skiing
My drink of choice lately. #HappySaturday #DarlingWeekend

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