The Viennese Girl

I read somewhere once that Vienna is a love/hate city. You either absolutely adore it, or you can’t stand it. I read that article with much despair as I was packing for this trip at home in Chicago.

“Did I just buy a plane ticket, and spend all that money for a place that I may or may not like?”

Fortunately, Vienna was captivating. It has a certain charm that you either pick up quickly, or you miss it. That charm was elegance, poise and politeness. They all were very put together in how they dressed and presented themselves.

They also presented their cakes fabulously – shout out to Demel for letting me enjoy way to much cake in one day. No regrets…it was absolutely the best piece of chocolate cake i’ve ever had.

For the life of me I cannot remember why the travel writer didn’t like Vienna. From the moment we arrived at 10:30pm at night you could almost feel in the air the calmness of the city. When you’re traveling, you’re constantly on guard whether you’re thinking about it or not. It exhausts you.

While I was in Vienna, I hardly worried. The Viennese were so kind, helpful and understanding towards people visiting their city.

*Note: Hardly*

I only had one trouble: The Naschmarkt

Let me explain. First, we went during the absolute busiest time of day to the flea market (7:30am) and we went during the summer (high tourist season). We also were there the year the market turned 100 years old…and going to this area is already a cult event on Saturday’s in itself. For the most part, this area is lively with the young and old, however, there was a homeless women who was a little too lively and continued to yell:

“Danger, call the police!”

In our day and age, this can definitely make you feel uneasy in your surroundings. Yet, as we looked around, nobody seemed to mind. We decided to wait it out and continued to walk down further to look at all the cool antiques. A few minutes later, she was still yelling, we felt a bit uncomfortable, and ultimately ended up walking back toward the city center.

I never like to assume anything, so always go with your gut in these types of situations.

The Naschmarkt isn’t a bad place though. It has THE BEST falafel I’ve ever had in my life (Paris claims it has it, it does not), so many wonderful food vendors and also outdoor sit-down restaurants. It was also right across from where we stayed, which was extremely convenient after a debilitating 14 hour day of walking.


  • Reply Kdogs August 23, 2016 at 8:35 AM

    That’s definitely a scary position to be in, glad you kept a clear head and nothing became of it!

    • Reply Ally September 6, 2016 at 2:51 PM

      Always have to be aware of your surroundings 🙂

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