Schönbrunn Palace

I’m not going to lie… Trying to dress well for each city in Europe is exhausting. I secretly envied the girls walking around in Lululemon sweats when I traveled to Florence a few years ago. I tried to walk the city in wedges. I know, right?

Eventually I came to the realization that you just have to be smart about what you’re wearing. This time around I really thought about what I would be wearing in each city. If you’re traveling and walking around for hours and hours a day, and eating a lot of pastries and sweets like I did,  this is the outfit for you. It’s simple, classic, and above all, comfortable.

First, let’s discuss the pants. The joggers from ASOS are quite literally the best pair of pants… ever. They are sweatpants in disguise. Who doesn’t love that?! I could eat 100 cakes in Vienna and it wouldn’t matter. Elastic on top, elastic around the ankles and a lot of room in-between.

Next stop shoes… these are ASOS’ Doodle Slip on sneakers and I walked 35,000 steps in them. 35,000. That’s probably more that some people do in a week (if you don’t work out). They were amazing and so, so comfortable. It was like having two little clouds on my feet all day.

Heat advisory: if it is hot wearing these shoes… wear no-show socks otherwise you will be slipping and sliding. Yuck. 

Take a look below at the outfit thumbnails and have a free-for-all because all of this is mostly on sale now…

I wore this outfit to Schönbrunn Palace which was considered a summer home (HA!) to the Imperial Family, the Habsburg monarchs. It was nothing short of dazzling. I have been to Versailles in France before and Schönbrunn might have stolen Marie Antoinette’s cake.

I’ve seen many different palaces, summer homes, chateaus and “hunting lodges” in Europe and I’m sure there are plenty more, but Schönbrunn was the right mix of grandeur, neoclassical style and simple elegance. It is obviously a must-see when visiting Vienna.

Tip: To get to the Schonbrunn Palace you can take the hop-on, hop-off tour, which we actually did since we were there for a few short days. However, we stayed until around 6:30pm when it closes and had to take the city tram back to the city centre.

Here are the lines you can take:

  • Underground: U4, Schönbrunn station.
  • Trams: 10 and 58, Schönbrunn station.
  • Bus: 10A, Schönbrunn station.


Next Up: Munich, Germany



  • Reply Michelle August 30, 2016 at 11:56 AM

    Great post! Gotta love sweatpants in disguise. 🙂

    • Reply Ally September 6, 2016 at 2:50 PM

      Thank you! Haha for sure – even better when they are super cute!

      xx – Ally

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