The Cliffs

A lot of people that make the trip out to Ireland want to see “The Cliffs.” Usually, it is the Cliffs of Moher, but what some don’t realize is that Ireland is carved endlessly with beautiful cliffs all around the island. No need to make a 12 hour day trip to the other side of the island from Dublin!

Caroline and I took a trip in the very early morning to Howth, Ireland where we took a morning hike along the seaside. I have never seen such a beautiful morning. The sun hit the side of the cliffs like nothing i’ve ever seen before. The hike to the spots that you see in my photos, however, was no easy feat. We climbed through thorn bushes as tall as my head to get to that spot; but it was completely worth the thorn that I got in my finger for that view.

After about an hour down the cliffs, we headed straight into the little fisherman’s village of Howth. It was quaint, beautiful and smelled like a lot of dead fish!



For lunch Caroline mentioned it was a must to go to this amazing, teeny tiny little place called Octopussy  (I am not sure if this is in reference to James Bond or not). The restaurant probably held maximum 25 people sitting down, so, so small and I loved it.  We sat along the window looking out at the bay, reading the menu for a bit and discussing what we should order for our seafood tapas.

I had zero clue what to order.

Not because it didn’t sound good, but because I have actually just started to dabble into seafood. Take a look at what I ended up ordering below…

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Yes, those are little fish. Yes, they still have their eyeballs. Yes, I ate them (not all of them though).

If I didn’t think about what I was eating, they were actually pretty good!  However, halfway through the dish, I couldn’t do it. All I could keep picturing was a bunch of little fish swimming around my stomach. Honestly though, if I were a huge seafood person this would have probably been amazing, it was so fresh.


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