At the Ambassadors

As some of you may know, I get to help create and go to a lot of amazing events in Chicago. This event for the 4th of July at the Ambassador of Ireland’s home was one definitely one for the books.

A large park surrounds The Deerfield Residence as far as the eye can see and just dipping over that horizon is Dublin; and that is just one of the many views the Ambassador has from his backyard. Caroline, her family and I hopped into her car after a day of wandering around Trinity College (I’ll get to that later) and drove about 20 minutes to the mini White House. Upon arrival security greeted us and then were promptly escorted down the long driveway of American flags. A few moments later, we were enthralled in the party set for a luxurious outdoor BBQ. There was a donut stand, cotton candy machine, ice cream, hot dogs…you name it, it was there. Were you thinking Guinness tent? Yes, that was there, too.

Funny thing, since I had only been in Dublin for a couple of days prior to this event, I obviously did not miss any American food. For some guests, however, the American food / condiments that were bought special for the party were like gold! Ketchup…that stuff was going like pancakes on Sunday morning.

The rest of the event was spent mingling with some of the military men who were stationed in Ireland, a quick speech by the Ambassador and his wife, and a mini rain shower, which brought out the most incredible arched rainbow…My first Irish rainbow!

I didn’t find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it definitely lead me to an ending of a great party.

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